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22 Pages, Full Color

The Touloni have been cast aside by the Cults, but it is in the Neolibyans that they have found true partners. The Sanglier in Montpellier bask in the wonder of their exalted blood. In Perpignan, the Bordenoir watch over their territory with protective eyes, fending off pirates and beasts alike. Between them all, the Resistance delve deeper into the swamps of Franka, every advance paid for in blood…


CLANS OF THE RHÔNE is a DLC add-on to DEGENESIS: THE KILLING GAME that provides insight into the most influential Clans of the Southern coast of Franka, giving Players and Game Masters the resources to understand and use them in game.

Each Clan is presented with a full Rank tree, from the lowly Moutons of the Bordenoir to the grand Maréchal de Franka leading the charge for the Resistance, along with unique Potentials available to the Clan’s members.

DEGENESIS: Clans of the RhonePrice: $5.00