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240 Pages, Full Color



A deep expansion to the KatharSys rules system, allowing Players and Game Masters alike to play like never before.

Legacies provide a way to deepen a character’s backstory before a campaign begins, while Scars develops groups and how they interact with each other and the world around them.

Survival, Health, and Combat contain more tools than ever to both represent and deal with the dangers of the wastelands.

Energy and Economy explore unexpected aspects of the world; how to generate, store, and use electrical power, and how the Neolibyans manage and exploit their concessions, both of which let Players make their mark on a truly grand scale.

Dozens of new items revealed in Arsenal, Primal Ingenuity, and Artifacts, from the most primitive weapons ripped from the bodies of Psychonauts to incredible technology dating back before the Eshaton.

All previously published Potentials, along with over 80 new and original ones, collected in one place for the first time.

The mechanics of Memetics finally showcased in order to give Game Masters – or cunning Players – the tools they need to weave a memetic net across the land.


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