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Publisher: Grey Matter Games

DEADLY MISSIONS: DEADLY THINGS is a fun expansion for DEADLY MISSIONS 5th EDITION that centers around four teenagers from the town of HOPKINS, INDIANA, in the 1980’s.

A powerful witch looking for her two missing sons begins opening portals, indvertantly allowing alien creatures to enter the town.  These aliens are lead by a powerful being that uses his mental powers to control the townspeople, forcing them to do unspeakable, strange things.

With their world turned upside down, the teens stand and fight these invaders.  Will the witch join the teens in their fight, or stand with the evil invaders?

This set features thirteen high quality original hand-drawn figures featuring front and rear artwork, and includes data cards and background information of the characters for use in DEADLY MISSIONS games. 

The characters are:

Ellie “L” Ripley, a powerful teen with telekinetic powers
Emma “M” Munson, a powerful teen with mind control powers
Steve “Baby-sitter” Jones, a leader with a spiked bat
Dusty Rogers and his “pet” Scooby-Dart
Magic Wanda, a witch avenging her sons
The Mind Flayer, a mind controling alien
The Great Cthumpking, an Ancient god
Xenogorgons, a common alien troop choice

This set is an expansion, so you will need DEADLY MISSONS 5th Edition, or you can use the existing Deadly MIssions 3rd Edition: RETURN TO MERLANTIS or Fourth Edition: HEROIC MISSIONS. 

We hope you enjoy these figures, and hope they work in their way into your games!

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