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Publisher: Pinnacle Entertainment

A Savage Worlds One Sheet™ by PHILIPP CHRISTOPHEL

Marshal Burn welcomes any help he can get with the little thievery problem in his bustlin’ boomtown. Of course, this is Deadlands, so things are rarely as they seem…

When gold was found in the surrounding hills, the town of Avery’s Bluff came into existence practically overnight.

Now that some of the townsfolk have stumbled upon ghost rock, it truly is a boomtown. In all the commotion it almost went unnoticed that more and more silver and gold trinkets began to disappear. Eventually, people started saying either thieving magpies must be gathering all the shineys or a gang of thieves is responsible for the missing items.

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Deadlands is the original Weird West RPG! Updated for the new Savage Worlds Adventure Edition! Visit out Kickstarter here!

In this award-winning, best-selling setting, gunfighters, braves, hucksters, martial artists, shamans, mad scientists, the blessed, and more square off against far more than desperate bandits. An event called “The Reckoning” awakened an ancient evil, and you’d best hope the howls you hear on the High Plains are just a pack of ravenous wolves…

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