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Publisher: Infinium Game Studios

Executive Summary

The urban-sandbox mega-adventure that launched an indie RPG company: Dark Obelisk 1: Berinncorte is a massive, campaign-length city-setting filled with dozens of charaters, dozens of Quests, intrigue, disaster, and lavish detail.

Hardcover Version Imminent

I anticipate approving the hardcover version of this book in January 2021.  Anyone who purchases a PDF copy between now and then will receive a discount code to order the hardcover, so there’s no financial disincentive to buying the content now if you’re interested.

Collector’s Edition

This compeltely-revamped Collector’s Edition amasses nearly the entire contents of what used to be two separate tomes: the Adventure Book, which contains dozens of sessions’ worth of content spread across three Acts; and the Dramatis Personae & Bestiary book, which collects dozens of Key NPCs and Villains.

For the first time ever, all this content is now available in a single PDF / massive hardcover book.

For former DO1 owners: Please note, the Collector’s Edition does not include Common Monsters, Common NPCs, or Custom Monsters.  These will be published in a separate softcover shortly.

Welcome to Berinncorte

Berinncorte is a typical, medium-sized medieval fantasy village.  It’s a wonderful place to live, work, and explore, either as a citizen, or as an adventurer passing through town.

One day, the entire city is thrown into chaos as a cataclysmic explosion destroys much of Town Square.  A purplish-black crystal of bizarre design erupts from the aftermath, and hordes of chaotic, evil, and undead monsters wade out of the obsidian depths beneath it.  A third of the townsfolk are slain in the eruption and the first few minutes of monsters emerging. 

What the PCs do, both before and after the explosion that tears the earth and the city’s way of life asunder, will set in motion events beyond their understanding or comprehension.

The Adventure Path

Dark Obelisk: Berinncorte is a massive, urban sandbox adventure that begins an ambitious and epic Adventure Path.  

Although a fully-detailed and realized campaign setting is planned, you may easily “place” Berinncorte (and this adventure!) anywhere in your existing campaign.

Why Should You Care?  

What makes this adventure different?  Or noteworthy?  Well, in no particular order:

  • At ~840 pages, Dark Obelisk is literally the largest possible hardcover adventure DTRPG makes possible.
  • Part One of a 4-part Adventure Path, with several optional extended components (for example, Druid Enclave and Berinncorte Basecamp).
  • Fully-realized, detailed adventure setting, complete with fleshed-out NPCs, motivations, plots, side-plots, and tons of full-color maps.
  • NPCs who “feel real”: The author has been a novelist and storyteller for more than 20 years.  The backstory and secret motivations of any of the 59 multi-page-detailed NPCs could be its own adventure or adventure path.
  • standalone adventure that can be played on its own, completely out of context of the larger Adventure Path.
  • Tools to make the adventure dynamic, and play differently every run-through.  (For those who have played Ravenloft, think of the Tarot-like game the GM played in secret to randomize item locations and motivations, but expand it to many other aspects of the adventure path as well).
  • Dozens of additional books are planned in the mythos and campaign setting in which Berinncorte sits.  10 additional Adventure Paths are already outlined.

By the Numbers

…not that quantity always means quality, of course:

  • 16 Factions
  • 59 Key NPCs
  • 20 NPC Deaths
  • 2 Religions and Gods
  • 10 Common NPCs
  • 56 Monsters
  • 4 Villains
  • 157 Tables
  • 127 Maps
  • 18 FlexTables
  • 76 Quests
  • 22 Items
  • 92 Rumors and Lore
  • 23 Fully-Mapped and Detailed Buildings & Places of Interest
  • 1,067 Pages
  • 578,000 Words
  • 1 Partridge in a Pear Tree (partridge not included)

Dark Obelisk 1: Berinncorte: Collector's Edition (Pathfinder)Price: $25.00