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Publisher: Avenesse

Seven Deadly Desert Dangers. The deserts of Oblivium, the Demi-Plane of the Lost, are desolate places haunted by terrors from across the multiverse. They are intended for use in the Oblivium campaign setting using the 5e rules system, but they can be added to almost any game with a little fiddling. Introduce players bored with the same old desert encounters to deadly new enemies:

  • Barrow Troopers are high tech battle troopers who rose as undead while kept conscious through combat drugs, cybernetics and battle computers. Their own combat armor is now their tomb.
  • Cerulean Substances are sentient oozes so alien that communication is almost impossible.
  • Ghosts of the Sea are the undead remnants of evaporated seas, collective swarms wandering in spectral seas.
  • Smartypants and Sticky Petes are the products of bizarre radiation and energies that mutated them into something other than human.
  • Umbranimas are creatures of the collective id, forbidden thoughts that coalesce in Oblivium as shadowy monstrosities that possess the envious, wrathful, sinful or rejected and empower them to destroy those that forsake them.
  • Vuljacks were once scavengers from familiar worlds that evolved to proto sentience within Oblivium’s harsh environs. Now they are apex predators empowered by infernal magic, and strike fear into even the strongest foe.

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