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Publisher: Martin Knight

The D100 Space Tracker takes the hard work out of tracking the various game elements, such as shading the time track, recording enemy and player HP, logging passes and remote door controls, tracking acid and plague pips, recording oxygen, night vision, rations and decoders, and setting the current system Modifier. It also tracks your captain’s starship, with a double track for tracking numbers over 100. The 31 crystals track the various elements and at the end of your gaming session just update the log Sheet with the information from the tracker Mat.

This is a print and play version of the Game Tracker (offered as an alternative to The Game Crafter Game Tracker product), and you will need to print off the components, and cut them out yourself.

Please Note the paper size for this is set to Ledger/Tabloid (17″x 11″), if you don’t have a large printer you will have to print to two pages and join together.

You will need the D100 Space rule book to use the Tracker.

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