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Publisher: Martin Knight

The D100 Space Mapping Game combines the D100 Space rulebook with cards and tokens to give the game a board game feel. It includes 120 mapping cards, 24 Overlay Tiles, 53 Enemy Cards, and 150 Tokens. Now when you are required to roll on table F – Facility, you will instead draw cards to determine the areas you will discover. Any doors you find will be generated by using doors tokens, and the enemies you encounter are generated by drawing from an Enemy Pool. If you happen upon a geographic area, instead of rolling on the geographic table, you draw from the Geographic Pool; which may require you to add overlay tiles. By using the Mapping Game, you will get to create the maps right there on the table in front of you, instead of drawing it on a Map Sheet. It is compatible with all D100 Space games.

This is a print and play version of the Mapping Game (offered as an alternative to The Game Crafter Mapping Game product), and you will need to print off the components, and cut them out yourself.

You will need the D100 Space rule book to use the Mapping Game.

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