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Publisher: Martin Knight

Implants and Patches includes 25 Implant cards found on table I – Implants from D100 Space, 5 bonus Implant cards, and 5 bonus Enemy Cards. Also included is a reference card with information of how to use the cards in your games.

The implant cards can be used either as a reference for implants you have installed in the Cybercon™ unit or can be shuffled to create a draw deck, and when you are required to roll on Table I – Implants you can instead draw a card to see which implant or patch has been found. If you own two packs, you can use one for a reference card and the other as a draw deck.

This is a print and play version of the Implants and Pacthes Cards (offered as an alternative to The Game Crafter Spell Cards product), and you will need to print off the CARDS, and cut them out yourself.

You will need the D100 Space rule book to use the Tracker.

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