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Publisher: Philip Reed Games

NOTE: This title is still in editing. Once the editing pass has been completed, the file will be updated and you will be notified so that you may download the finished work.


One area where I’ve noticed that gamemasters everywhere, regardless of their experience level, always need more tools is with encounter ideas. No matter how many sessions a GM may have under their belt, each and every gamemaster I’ve chatted with over the decades is always in search of more encounter ideas to cobble and bash into situations that best fit their own campaigns. 

Within the pages of this PDF are 100 encounter ideas, every single one of which was written for use in your favorite fantasy setting. These concepts are intended as a source of inspiration and it is my wish that you will completely rework each one to suit the specifics of your world. 

Also includes d100 rumors the adventurers may overhear! Use these as fluff or as leads that the heroes may act on. Whatever you do, make these ideas your own!

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