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Publisher: Nomel Egnaro

In the village of Glimmerbrook, a once-celebrated festival of the harvest has been shrouded in mystery and dark omens. The villagers speak in hushed tones of a cursed corn maze that has stood untouched for generations, guarded by an eerie presence known as the Hang’n Tree. As the annual festival approaches, a brave group of 0-level characters steps forward to uncover the secrets hidden within the labyrinthine rows of corn.

The characters gather in Glimmerbrook, a quaint village with a sense of unease hanging over it. The village elder, a weathered figure named Elara, seeks volunteers to investigate the cursed corn maze and its ominous guardian. 

As the characters venture into the maze, they’re enveloped by a sense of foreboding. The corn stalks, three layers thick, obscure their vision, creating an intricate and disorienting labyrinth. Sinister whispers ride the breeze, and as they delve deeper, strange phenomena begin to occur. Corn Stalkers, animated creatures of malevolent intent, rise from the very stalks to challenge the characters. The maze becomes a living puzzle that reacts to their presence.

Marked treasure areas promise rewards for the characters. The note from the Hang’n Tree guides them to play a hide and seek game, a unique twist on the traditional exploration of dungeons. As they search for treasures, they must evade Corn Stalkers, adding suspense and unpredictability to the adventure.

The climax of the adventure occurs at the center of the maze, where the Hang’n Tree stands sentinel. The eerie tree’s presence is palpable, and a piece of parchment invites them to engage in a game that promises to unveil the maze’s secrets. The characters must confront the Hang’n Tree, face its guardian role, and prove their mettle to claim the treasures it guards.

Mystery and Intrigue: The maze conceals secrets that must be unraveled, adding layers of intrigue to the adventure.

Supernatural Presence: The Hang’n Tree and Corn Stalkers create an eerie atmosphere, blurring the lines between the mundane and the otherworldly.

Cooperation and Strategy: The hide and seek game encourages teamwork and strategic planning among the characters.

Unpredictability: The maze’s ever-changing nature keeps players on their toes, embracing Dungeon Crawl Classics’ spirit of chaos and creativity.

Conclusion: “Whispers of the Harvest Maze” is an engaging funnel adventure that challenges characters to navigate a cursed corn maze, confront supernatural forces, and unravel the enigma of the Hang’n Tree. With its blend of mystery, strategy, and supernatural elements, the adventure promises an unforgettable experience that encapsulates the essence of Dungeon Crawl Classi

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