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Publisher: undeadR

A person stares directly at the viewer and smiles dementedly, as roaches dig out  of their skin

In a remote tea plantation, several children have recently gone missing. Before that, many adults had disappeared, only to return with shattered minds. Tensions are rising between the embittered workers and the callous management. Into this cauldron of chaos, the party is thrown in as investigators. They will soon discover that something far more sinister and dangerous is lurking underneath. 

Cup of Sorrow is a short adventure for three to six players of level 3 to 4, and optimized for a party of four level 4 adventurers. It takes between six to eight hours to complete. The story is set in a large, self-contained tea plantation that can be placed in almost any setting. Some minor modifications are needed to plug this into an existing campaign, which are described within the text.


  • A horror adventure that brings together the gothic and cosmic genres.
  • A 36-page full-color and fully illustrated PDF, a printer-friendly B&W version, and a tested for screen readers accessible version.
  • A new and unique setting of a tea estate, with many fleshed-out, interesting NPCs.
  • Blood Ooze, Decaying Priest, and Starspawn Thrall: creepy new monsters with statblocks.
  • Several colorful battle maps for VTT use.
  • A blaster and a vibroblade. It’s in there somewhere!


There are depictions of mental illness and mental health issues, violence/gore, cults, systemic social oppression, and indentured servitude and enslavement. There are references to violence against children, elders, and animals, and mental abuse. On occasion, there could be similarities to real-life socio-political situations.

This is a horror-themed game where several dark concepts are explored. It is extremely important that before you run the game, you consult with your players and make sure that they are ok with the themes and imagery they are likely to come across in the game.

This title was crafted under the aegis of the “Write Your First Adventure, Winter 2020” workshop by RPGWriterWorkshop. You can check out my other works here. Please follow me @undeadrajib1 for updates on future products.

Cup of SorrowPrice: $3.95