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Publisher: FreeGaming


This is a fully playable roleplaying game, requiring only five differently coloured regular six sided dice (5D6), a pencil and an eraser.

All revenues from this game are donated to open source and creative commons projects that are not affiliated to myself. 

1. Quick to learn: complete game in four A4-pages
2. Focus on roleplay: Personality traits impact gameplay
3. Free-for-all: please use, modify and share

The game works with most Lovecraft / mythos themed adventures, including solo adventures, regardless of original rules set it was written for, thanks to the simple yet dynamic way of performing investigations and overcoming challenges.

Cthulhu Obscura is based on the works of several RPG giants, mainly S. Petersen (Call of Cthulhu), G. Walmsley (Cthulhu Dark), A. M. Sturgill (Cthulhu Grey and Spiralis), L. Balsera (Fate Accelerated) and J. Hughes (Expanded Cthulhu Dark Character Sheet).

Illustrations from and Font Poor Richard from No copyright infringement intended.

Released under Creative Commons License CC BY-SA 4.0.

Cthulhu ObscuraPrice: $4.00