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Publisher: Lovemaps-RPG

Hello, lovecraft universe worshippers, thank you for choosing Lovemaps. 

You will find in this pack a large content of (grid and gridless) Maps for An Apartment
You will also find a Pdf “user manual” to guide you

I went inside for a few minutes, barely enough time to change. But something had come, and had been looking for me. And it was still there, I could smell it. Its smell of death.
I tried to hold my breath, and slow down my movements, while looking for signs of life in me. And then I saw it, first a glow in the corner of the room, then a three foot tall hound came out of my wall and stared at me…

Several variations as usual! 

Seasons : Spring-Summer / Autumn / Winter 
Weather :
Day / Night / Insane Weather
Token : Hound of Tindalos

Important :
This is a Medium map I recommend 140px for the size of your cells

Original Map Size : 2800×2100 px
Grid Size : 20×15 cells
Cells Size : 140×140 px

Here is the list of maps in this Pack :
(in Jpeg and WebP)

An Apartment:
01a-Apartment A-Summer-Day
01b-Apartment A-Summer-Night
01c-Apartment A-Summer-Insane

02a-Apartment A-Autumn-Day
02b-Apartment A-Autumn-Night
02c-Apartment A-Autumn-Insane

03a-Apartment A-Winter-Day
03b-Apartment A-Winter-Night
03c-Apartment A-Winter-Insane


We wish you a lot of fun and tentacles…


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