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Publisher: ClockworkRaven

Did as a fun project Crows are a D20-based TTRPG created by a Dungeon Master and Fan of Dungeons and Dragons and Pathfinder.

I took Homebrew a little too far by creating my own game that a DM and play with friends for over 2 years. This game is similar to Dungeons and Dragons 5th edition and Pathfinder 2 but a lot less limiting and with many options to create your perfect character.

Crows are also open source, which means that I hope you use and modify it as much as you want to.


12 Base Classes with at least 3 paths each to customize it!
Over 30 different Races/Ancestry to start with!
Extended Races for you to create your vampire, Shapeshifter, and some other kind of half-fantasy creature!
Tons of backgrounds, traits, and feats!
Dynamic Combat Rules and Conditions!
Rules to Generate Treasure and Magic Items including a list of premade adventure weapons and equipment!
Rules to create your own spells. Never get stuck with the same list again!
Rules to create your own summons and creatures as a DM or player!
And much more on this ever-growing game!

The files inside include:

A PDF version of the game.
The Editable File
And a Sheet for you to create your own character!

This was created for fun but I but my heart as a designer and as a DM to create a nice game. Still you may find some small writing mistakes inside and things that are not yet finished. Still the system itself can be considered a Beta, you can see for yourself, so check it with a open mind, either way, if you have questions or issue, just leave a comment bellow.
All this was tested and balanced over and over many games and campaigns! Have Fun! And if you like I will love to hear what you think of it.

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