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Publisher: True Mask Games

Welcome to “Crown of Winter”, a collection of over 100 plothooks and storyseeds for RPGs!

“Welcome to the arena of ice and rock, graveyard of a thousand armies. Will you be strong enough to survive?”

This book contains dozens and dozens of scenarios and scenario ideas for adventures in mountain and winter settings, suited for nearly all imaginable kinds of fantasy RPGs. If your game has areas of towering peaks and steep cliffs, tundra and wintery landscapes, you will be able to run these scenarios!

Our plothooks and storyseeds (around half a page in length each) are ideas: a collection of hungry beasts, savage marauders, icy spirits, mountain monsters, cults of winter and much much more. A few adventures are straightforward, but many come with a twist, designed to lead to more trouble and more action for your average adventuring party!
Each adventure introduces the basic story: a villain’s plan, the most important NPCs and how things might develop once our heroes become involved.

Use these scenarios as they are written, or let them inspire you and grow your own, custom adventure from the sprouting seed of our story!
Most of the scenarios are written with a medieval-ish fantasy setting in mind, but are easily adaptable to ancient, victorian or even more modern mountain/cold settings.

Each adventure seed is focused on one or more of the four large categories of RPG scenarios: exploration, diplomacy, investigation and combat.
Many adventures are designed for
low to mid level characters, but you can also find quite a few for veteran adventurers and even some for legendary champions in this collection.

Adventures in the cold always include a secondary enemy: the savage and pitiless force of winter itself. In this collection you will find a short guide on how to best use that dangerous foe in your scenarios.

Last but not least: we have included a list of 20 short encounters that can be used in any mountainous area and are especially well suited to be thrown into your campaign as a bit of a distraction, a small tidbit of interest that gives your player characters a little room to breathe…but at the same time holds the potential for much more!

Crown of Winter” is the fifth of ten booklets in our “The Thousand Trails” series. Each book focuses on a specific adventure environment, and gives you over 100 adventure ideas to play…and trails to follow.

Our first book, “Dark Cities”, focuses on adventures in cities and other bastions of civilization.
Our second book “Edge of the Wilds”, focuses on rural areas, where civilization and the wilds battle for dominance.
Our third book, “Ocean’s Call”, focuses on rivers, islands, harbours and the mighty ocean itself!
Our fourth book, “Realm of Leaves”, focuses on deep and dark forests, the kingdom of beasts and spirits of nature.
You can grab all four previous books right here!

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In the meantime you can also check out “Invisible Hands”, a book about factions of all kinds. It entails not only a thorough guide on how (and why!) to create factions in your games but also holds twenty fully fleshed-out factions of different kinds that you can directly put into your RPG setting!

Cover Art for Invisible Hands

Crown of Winter - 100+ scenarios for winter and mountain adventures!Price: $4.69