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Publisher: Late Gaming Company

Creed is a description of the last days of Earth. It picks up where Testament left off to a certain degree but also looks at the world of Testament from a different angle. The sun still shines but your character may know for how long. When he sees the shadows lengthen on an evening he may know if it is to be the last. Despite evidence to the contrary, the End is nigh.

They are the few who know what is going on – those who may have a pipeline into the Divine or a hotline into the Abyss. How this is revealed is different for every character. For some it will be pillars of salt, for others a burning bush. Some might see the truth in the morning dew while others must seek visions in the embrace of the lash. They are both blessed and cursed with a terrible foresight of coming events.

The actions of the player characters may actually make a difference in the grander scheme. They have the knowledge to take action, the will to stand firm, the faith to make a difference. Common themes within the game are fear, ambition, deception, conflict, revelation, redemption and damnation. These can be explored within the confines of the game using fictional characters.

CreedPrice: $6.70