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Publisher: Chromatic Experience Studios

In this box, you will find a poker deck of 52 cards, plus 2 jokers, specifically designed for tracking initiative in any roleplaying game, although it works especially well with the Savage Worlds system.

Unlike a standard deck of cards, this deck is themed to lend atmosphere to your roleplaying game. The numerical value of the card (from 0 to 10), used for Initiative, is featured prominently. Ties between cards of the same value are resolved by comparing “speed” (which goes from 1 to 5).

The classic playing card values and suits are still shown, for reference, but are relegated to a small section of the card.


Which one to choose: countdown from 10 or from 12?

Choose the 10 deck if you think it’s more natural to start your countdown from 10 rather than 12. If you like to use houserules and already grant special effects to both jokers (for instance, in a game using the Savage Worlds rules), then the 10 deck only contains two 0 cards, which are perfect to introduce more special effects (to partly offset going last, or make it even more punishing!).

If you prefer that all card values be represented an equal number of times, then the 12 deck will work best for you, as all values from 0 to 12 have exactly four copies each in the deck. In this regard, the 12 deck is simply a thematic reskin of a standard poker game, and as such might be easier to use for new players.

Countdown from 10 Deck (Ruined World)Price: $4.99