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Publisher: Christian Sorrell

“Don’t get caught with a copy of this shit in your back pocket—unless you were hoping to have a few less teeth (or a quick trip out an airlock).”

Corpo Culture Killed My Dog #8 is a 12-page, in-universe space punk zine intended for use with the Mothership Sci-Fi Horror RPG but usable with any blue-collar sci-fi setting of your choice. Made entirely in scissors-and-glue collage and directly inspired by early 2000s Midwest punk zines, Corpo Culture is an in-world artifact for you to hand to your players, use for inspiration, tease future adventures, and more.

Short fiction meets adventure hooks with working class struggles across the galaxy!
What the big corps and governments don’t want you to know about the xenos!
Void-wide concert reviews from The Scumfloat to The Hole to Bar One and more!
Submission form for an independent database of corpo sleeper agents!

Purchase includes Pages, Spreads, and Printer-Friendly PDFs.

Disclaimer: Issues #1-7 don’t exist (but there’s nothing stopping you from making them for your table)

Created for Tuesday Knight Games’ Voices of the Void jam in August 2022.

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