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Publisher: WMB Saltworks

Whether you’re hosting a block party and need to figure out what to serve the bugbears that moved next door, or just running an RPG campaign and looking for ways to flesh out your world, Cooking for Monsters will tell you what you want to know. 

In Cooking for Vampires, you’ll find out what kind of flavors vampires enjoy, the culinary aspects of blood, and how to estimate the amount of blood in a given animal (very useful if you’re want to know whether you need one catoblepas or two!). There are even specific dishes, like black pudding, and butchery dumplings, and…cow’s blood candy bars? I didn’t make that up. Those actually exist. 

Did you know that blood is a suitable replacement for eggs in most recipes? Now you do! 

Cooking for VampiresPrice: $1.95