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Publisher: Infinium Game Studios

Executive Summary

If you’ve ever wanted to take adventure content from one system and use it in another, this book has been designed to be of invaluable help. 

For D/GM/judge/referees, for game designers, for indie RPG authors, or for someone looking to investigate the mechanics of other TTRPG rules systems, this book is designed to be a massive accelerant to the conversion process and a window into the “secret sauce” that has made Infinium Game Studios products unique in their ability to be used across a wide variety of PC levels and difficulties.

Hardcover Edition Coming Soon!

I will have a hardcover version available for POD, probably in January.

Anyone who owns the PDF version will receive an at-cost discount code for FREE to order the hardcover once it’s available.


The Content Conversion Guide (CCG) is a book that walks through a process of converting adventure content from Pathfinder First Edition into five other tabletop roleplaying game systems:

  • 5E/Fifth Edition, 
  • Pathfinder Second Edition,
  • OSR,
  • Dungeon Crawl Classics (DCC), and
  • d20 / v3.5

I’ve been pouring hundreds of hours into the most ambitious and largest fantasy bestiary project ever create: Aquilae: Bestiary of the Realm.

To make that possible, I’ve invented a thorough approach to converting monster and other content from Pathfinder First Edition into 5E, P2E, OSR, and DCC formats.  Many backers, friends, and community members have asked for this heuristic, some way of taking the approach I’ve been employing, so that others can use it to convert ANYTHING Pathfinder into the newer rules systems.

What’s Included?

  • Part 1 is How to Quad: Rules for taking a monster, NPC, trap, etc. in a single statblock, and adapting it into three additional statblocks, so as to support a wide range of PC levels and difficulties.  (Check out the free PDF introducing the concept of Quadded Statblocks if you’re not already familiar with it.)
  • Part 2 is How to Convert: Step-by-step rules to take each statistic from Pathfinder, and how to adapt it into the other formats so the resulting monster “makes sense” and is usable.
  • Part 3 is the Conversion Mapping InventoryComplete lists for Spells, Feats, Weapons, Skills, and Poisons, with converted analogues for each in 5E, P2E, OSR, and/or DCC formats as appropriate.  Some of these do not have a good analogue in the newer rules systems, but for the majority, there will be entires.  Note that a separate Excel-based product contains the complete Conversion Mapping Inventory for more than 4,800 monster special abilities and attacks; it would take more than 3,000 pages to lay all of that out in book form so it’s not feasible!
  • Part 4 is Creating New Quadded MonstersGuidelines and rules for how to take an existing monster as a starting point, and to expand its abilities and to create Quadded Statblocks for it so it’s usable for any PC group

History & Scope

The Content Conversion Guide is the product of many hundreds of hours of exhaustive conversion, producing more than 20,000 pages of converted and published adventure content with more than 35,000 complete monster statblocks converted. 

It’s also the product of more than three decades of tabletop roleplaying and D/GMing.

If you’ve ever wanted to take adventure content from one system and use it in another, this book has been designed to be of invaluable help.

By the Numbers

The real value, of course, is in the heuristic, the approach described that has been developed over a many years and tons of labor.

That said, it’s also useful to assess what’s in the book from a numbers standpoint:

  • More than 4,800 monster Special Abilities and Special Attacks (corresponding Content Conversion Monster Mapping Inventory only).
  • 70 reference tables, each color-coded by rules system target for ease of reference.
  • Complete mapping for each of more than 200 Poisons.
  • Complete mapping for each of more than 160 Weapons.
  • Complete mapping for each of more than 530 Spells.
  • Sample monsters: complete, converted, and quadded statblocks for more than 40 Monsters, across 5 Rules Systems: more than 800 Complete Statblocks in all.

Content Conversion Guide (Pathfinder / 5E / P2E / OSR / DCC / d20 3.5)Price: $4.99