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Publisher: The Wandering Mage

This is a large colosseum map.  These are larger maps built with systems such as Foundry VTT in mind, which is capable of running larger map sizes than systems such as Roll20.  However, lower resolution versions are included which are under 10MB each.

Map sizes are 71×57 squares, 128 pixels per square and 96 pixels per square variants, jpg.

3 maps are included, which are variants of the same base map.  One map is a blank colosseum, another is a scenario where contenders need to rush the middle of the arena, and another is a scenario where contenders need to make their way from cover to cover to get to archers on platforms (or perhaps some other ranged threat).  Each of these 3 base maps in turn have the following variants (for a total of 12 maps):

With and without grid

128 pixels/square which are over 10MB and 96pixels/square which are under 10MB.

ColosseumPrice: $1.50