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Publisher: Mage Hand Press

I’d rather fight a giant ogres than kobolds. They’ve at least got the sense to try to step on us, fair and square. 

Before you attempt to rob a dragon’s hoard and brave the monster’s claws and fearsome breath, a much more challenging foe awaits you: the kobolds making their home outside the dragon’s lair. Those small draconic underlings might be the weakest monsters you’ll ever face, but they’re among the most cunning, most vicious, and most unsporting foe you’ll ever contend with. They line their domain with the most insidious traps ever conceived, and strike from every direction with guerilla tactics that would make an assassin blush. You’d probably be better off letting the dragon eat you, rather than trying to march out through those same tunnels.

The Cobalt Book of Kobolds is a supplement dedicated to our favorite scaly minions, the kobolds. In its pages, you can find detailed ecology notes, balanced rules for kobolds as player characters, and statblocks galore. Additionally, the book comes with a complete Trap Codex, a folio of fair, easy to implement traps for any sort of dungeon or tomb that the party might stumble into. This book is a must-have if you’ve ever wished to bring Tucker’s Kobolds to 5e, in all their canny kobold splendor. 


26 Pages.

Cobalt Book of KoboldsPrice: $5.99