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Publisher: Postmortem Studios

She has a job to do, and hopes it goes easy, but she’s ready in case things go south. She’s seen a lot, she’s killed a lot, and she might not enjoy it. But still, there’s a job to do. Perfect for your next modern, near future, cyberpunk or military-themed product!

Subject to the included license information.  Printed size will be up to 3364 x 5400 pixels (5.6 X 9″ tall) at a 600 ppi Tiff… enough to be used as a ½ page vertical illustration or even a cover! Included is a lo-rez version for easy online advertising!

This artwork is copyright (C) 2020 Bradley K McDevitt. You can use this image in commercial or fan projects, however, you may not publish it as clip art. Any company that uses images from ‘Clip Art Critters’ is required to place the artist’s name amongst the credits.

Clipart Critters 606 - Modern MilitaryPrice: $5.99