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Publisher: White Wolf

Clanbook: Samedi takes the Samedi to new depths. Ever the mysterious bloodline, the Corpses are dissected and examined. With the addition of Vodouisant-based Disciplines and a fleshed-out (sic) origin story spanning from Europe to Africa and Haiti and beyond, the Samedi are now a powerful force in the Final Nights, scheming for their own gains in ways even most Kindred would be repulsed by…

Herein you will find:

  • A complete history of the Samedi from the creation of Baron Samedi to their plans in the Modern Nights
  • A completely new approach to Samedi blood magic, with Necromancy being their unique in-Clan Discipline, and the addition of two new Paths of Necromancy specifically for the Samedi (Path of Ghede and Path of Petro).
  • New Merits, Flaws, Backgrounds, and even a Samedi-specific Path of Enlightenment!
  • Template characters, famous NPC, powerful Loa, and so much more!

Clanbook: SamediPrice: $9.99