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Publisher: Dragon Trove LLC


While a Christmas present featuring the Wicked city of Dra’Zah-Pah might leave you thinking, “Huh?” I decided to do this because I originally designed it as an entry for the One Page Dungeon Contest (which I really love, btw).  

Anyway, I had decided to make an entry for the 2020 edition of that excellent publication.  I wanted to do something fairly unique, and soon realized that only two cities (Maro Tanesh and Oturak, both lots of fun, check them out!) were ever done as One Page Dungeon Contest adventures.  I thought I’d try my hand, but I wondered if I could up the ante a little, by creating not just a city, but a system for the creation of cities all on a single sheet of paper.  Dra’Zah-Pah was the result.

I created it, revised it a few times, and happily submitted it.

Only to hear nothing from OPDC, despite many attempts at contacting the publishers, both by email and Facebook.

Gradually, I started to wonder whether they might be one of the many business-casualties of the Covid-19 situation.  I certainly hope not.  I have raided their publications for adventures many times over, and it is my sincere hope that OPDC is only on hiatus, and will be cranking out small, playable, easy-to-read-and-implement dungeons many years into the future.

If, in fact, someone reads this and does know how to get in touch with OPDC, please ask them to contact me.

Anyway, though this was something of a downer, I still had Dra’Zah-Pah which, I believe, is an innovative and easy to use system for build-as-you-play fantasy city adventures. Also super cheap!

Well, you do need to buy a Boggle(C) game… but you’ll survive 😉

Christus salvum anima vestra.

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