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Publisher: Bandit Camp


The city was built on an island and features a very complex sewer system underneat it where monstrous factions vie for control, harassing the denizens above. In the city, the haves and have-nots are on a collision course for confrontation. This region map is perfect for filling in with your own factions, with their natural positions and relationships with each other creating immediate tension and questing opportunities.

The following are provided:

– Printable PDF: 8.5×11″
– Two JPG images: 300 DPI (3750×2775), 150 DPI (1875×1388)

*This map is for your personal use only and may not be redistributed for free or commercial use. 

Detailed Shots from the Map



About These Sandbox Maps

This map was drawn by Victor Costa for the Wicked Ones tabletop RPG. You can also get all of the maps for free with the purchase of Wicked Ones!

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