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Publisher: MeditatingMunky


 Regional Map – Dheag’s Pass – Trading Post

A highly detailed town map of a trading post settled around a dried up river bed. This city is a part of the World of Celia but feel free to use it in your personal homebrew games as well! Keep an I out for many many more city maps that will help populate this world, and regional setting guides!

This is only the map, a setting guide is in the works, but not included. This map is made to fit your VTT at 40×30 units and at 72 DPI, and JPG files for 300dpi A4 and A2 sized print files are included as well as a PDF of the map and InDesign file.

What’s in the Zip File?

  • 72 DPI Version sized at 30×40 units
  • 300 DPI 8×11 A4 Print JPG
  • 300 DPI 23×33 A2 Print JPG
  • PDF with Image for quick printing
  • InDesign file for adjusting your bleed when printing at home


By purchasing and/or downloading this file you agree to use it for personal, non income generating purposes only.

Boradcasting or Streaming with this map or any other map created by me is permitted, as long as credit is attributed.

City Map: Dheg's PassPrice: $1.99