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Publisher: ZealZaddy

City Lights: 100 Urban Encounters

There are a million stories in the Free City… and these are 100 of them. “City Lights: 100 Urban Encounters” is a sourcebook for the Free City of Vadashar campaign setting for D&D 5E. In these dozens of pages, you’ll find the stuff of legends, and plenty of substance, to bring a day in the life of your fantasy urban setting to life. These 100 encounters are more than just a series of names and stats: they are stand-alone adventure hooks in their own right, evoking the hustle, bustle, sights, sounds, danger, intrigue, and excitement of a congested, sophisticated, fantasy metropolis with a deep history. Although the encounters are custom written for the Vadashar setting, they are easily adapted to any campaign. It’s time to encounter the Free City of Vadashar.

• 100 urban encounters (including descriptions of NPCs, plot hooks, political intrigues, and more)
• Detailed mini-scenarios that advance storylines introduced in more than 25 published Vadashar sourcebooks
• A brief history of the Free City of Vadashar.

The Free City of Vadashar
The Free City of Vadashar includes a line of sourcebooks, adventure supplements, campaign guides, and extensive information about the unique setting of Vadashar, which was introduced in 1980 and combines a variety of fantasy elements: sword and sorcery evoking the worlds of Robert E. Howard’s Conan the Barbarian, Clark Ashton Smith’s Zothique cycle, the Sword and Soul fiction of Charles R. Saunders, the shared universe of Thieves’ World, the intrigue and derring do of Scott Lynch’s Gentleman Bastard sequence, the carefree swashbuckling of Fritz Leiber’s Fafhrd and the Gray Mouser, and the modern film science fiction horror of the Alien and Prometheus franchise.

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