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Publisher: White Wolf

Welcome to Silver Springs! How wonderful to have you join us.

We’re positive that you’re going to enjoy your time here. Our natural springs are sure to entice, but do make sure not to soil the water. Things may become particularly… unpleasant. We encourage the outdoorsy to explore the several hiking trails in the nearby parks and forests. We also encourage hikes that can be completed in a day – we do not recommend setting up camp along any of these trails.

Here are the numbers to all of our public service offices, and please don’t hesitate to call for any reason other than the smell of rotten eggs. We are aware of the issue, but there is nothing to be done about it. But don’t worry about any of that now – you get settled in, and we can talk more when you have questions.

We’re going to enjoy having you.

Chronicles of Darkness: Silver SpringsPrice: $7.99