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Publisher: BattleSauce

Never played BattleSauce?  Say wha?! Get started with BattleSauce Snacks! – formerly called Shorts.  BattleSauce Snacks are bite-sized board game BattleSauce adventures.  Play them alone or with friends, Snacks are designed to be quick, exciting, and played in one sitting.  No long prep times!

Grab the FREE BattleSauce Rulebook where we cut the fat from roleplaying.  Then create an awesome character – CHEF, WERETHING, MANIMAL, BARBARIAN, WAR WITCH, or GHOST in just a few minutes and get ready to rumble.  You should probably actually read the BattleSauce Rulebook too.  There are more FREE BattleSauce Snacks on DriveThru and on my website.  Did I say BattleSauce enough?  

Mobile friendly layout and design.
Brief introduction to BattleSauce gameplay.
Role playing light if any at all.  I mean, they’re snacks!
Game ready map(s).

Cavern of the Creeper
Still only .99! (Looking at you Marvel Comics!)

Written and Illustrated by Michael Startzman (No Thank You, Evil!The Strange BestiaryThe Ninth World Bestiary).

Something evil lurks on the snow-capped mountains of the Thirsty Maw.  Ma?  Nope.  It’s not Ma.  Though she is be a formidable foe. Sorry ma.  #notsorry   Where was I?  Oh yes. 

The snow capped peaks which disappear into clouds are the badges of honor many adventurers seek but few return having claimed. Those who do return agree there is something more dangerous than the wind, treacherous terrain, or even the ice itself. Something evil lurks on those peaks.

Today you will find what that is. 

What do you get for loose change you could probably find on the couch?

  • Play at home by yourself or on our Discord server with a friend – or three.
  • A glistening new landscape sparkling with snow and ice – tis the season!
  • A new monster to terrorize your wintery landscape!
  • A second map for creating your own volume of danger squares!
  • Printer friendly map to save your ink!
  • 11 x 17″ poster map ready to print
  • JPG map too.
  • So many maps.

Cavern of the CreeperPrice: $0.99