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Publisher: Ross Hollander

In one thousand and seventy-seven,
our land was deemed the pit of all kingdoms.
For these reasons: bloodshed and strife, and more
paupers dwell here than any other land.
Indeed, the claims’ truth is beyond dispute.
But all still wish to come and dwell with us.
For our state ever promises to thee.
Perchance it is a lie, or a mirage,
But it is there, just around the corner
And it lends will even to the flagging.
A kingdom of dreams
It is, and I am
Quite a great dreamer.

The kingdom-city of Duncaer, 1077. Corruption runs rampant among the wealthy guilds that control the country. Gangs claim petty dominions among the twisting streets. Only a few honorable hold the tide against the obliteration of once lofty ideals. This is a place in dire need of heroes.

This 5th Edition setting document contains a complete guide to the districts, kings, guilds and knightly orders of Duncaer, as well as a brief guide to prices and monsters and rules for using the new Honor statistic and cybernetic implants. It also includes 11 different villains to pit heroes of Duncaer against, each with their own wicked schemes to foil. 

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