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Publisher: The Knotty-Works

BX Game Options Volume II

This volume offers rules for Weapon Mastery and Increasing Ability Scores through experience points, New character classes including the Apothecarist, Pole Master, and seven variant Rangers. And finally a detailed look at Pole Arms and special abilities.

Weapon Mastery offers a way for characters to specialize in one or more weapons as they increase in levels, gaining additional bonuses to attack and options such as increasing damage, disarming opponents, and more.

The Apothecarist presents a class that uses natural remedies to accelerate healing to overcoming poisons, diseases, and even petrification. The Pole Master is a specialized fighter the uses weapon mastery along with the pole arms presented in this volume to be a whirlwind of carnage when armed with their trusty pole arm. Rangers have evolved over time and specialized roles have developed that have been broken into seven separate classes from the Bounty Hunter to the Urban Ranger.

Pole Arms is more than a long stick with some sort of affixed blade or pokey thing at the end and many had specialized maneuvers which are presented, including dismounting opponents, piercing metal armors, and holding opponents at bay. Twenty-eight types of pole arms are listed, including weapon statistics, illustrations, and descriptions.

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