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Publisher: Take 10 Games

The year is 1886 and the Jefferson Territory remains lawless, deadly, and unincorporated.  If you’re willing to risk it all, the Jefferson Territory holds potential. Untapped resources aplenty: vast woodlands, rolling plains, rivers full of life, and pockets of gold, iron, and other precious metals. Miles of unclaimed wilderness, ripe for the taking. Just keep your fists hard and your wits keen, cowpoke. Better folk than you have gone out there and died. They certainly won’t be the last…

Bullets & Bourbon is a card-based tabletop role-playing game where each player takes on the role of a cowpoke trying to get ahead in the wild and dangerous lands of frontier America.  Anything is possible if you’re bold enough and Lady Luck shines a little light on your deck.

Bullets & Bourbon - Tales of the Wild WestPrice: $2.00