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Publisher: Elven Tower

The Brukesian Duchy

Hexcrawl by Elven Tower


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The Brukesian Duchy is a human territory by the northern border of a kingdom. The kingdom’s capital is so far south that the crown’s influence is negligible. It is surrounded by dangerous forests that a court of cruel fey princes rule. The regional map is generic in its contents and geography. It requires little effort to insert this region into any campaign setting. Both the human duchy and the fey-realm in the region are self-contained and require little to no modification to use. 

The regional setting and map favor a hex-crawling approach. This document contains rules for traversing and exploring the duchy and the forest. This is an OSR product with no rules-talk or predefined RPG system. All encounters are described without rules or in-game mechanics.

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Freebie Overview

Regional Setting with 2 detailed Hexes

Travel Procedure Rules

Separate Hi-res and Roll20 Maps


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