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Publisher: Foxwood Games

It was supposed to be a quiet trip into New Columbia, that’s why you paid for the train. Something though seems off, and then the train manager pulls the red bandana over his face and pulls a gun. Before you can do anything there is an explosion that sends the train rattling on the tracks. This has turned into anything but a quiet trip.  

The Bridge over the River Columbia is an action-packed one-shot adventure for Ballad of the Pistolero. The train has been hijacked, there are bandits everywhere, and the posse is barreling uncontrollably toward the bridge over the Columbia River Gorge, a bridge that is being rigid to explode. 

  • What will the posse do in this situation?
  • Save the train?
  • Stop the bandits from robbing everybody?
  • Save the Bridge?
  • Save themselves? 

The Bridge Over the River Columbia is a one-shot adventure designed for a posse of 4-5 players and should take 3-4 hours to complete. 

You can find Ballad of the Pistolero Here

And the character sheet Here

Bridge Over the River ColumbiaPrice: $3.00