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Publisher: Brave Adventures

Bring the cast from Seasons 1 & 2 of the D&D comedy Actual Play Podcast Adventure EXE into your games!

This is a Paper Miniature set of the main characters from the Adventure EXE podcast featuring:

Blorpo played by Jeremy Green

Iados Skarath played by Carmin Carotenuto

Jimmy Excalibur played by Sarah Fox

Paula Undergun played by Sarah Fox

Percy played by Carmin Carotenuto

Polly Crackers played by Taylor Ramone

Malachi Purvis played by Toren Atkinson

Rufus played by Toren Atkinson

Art is by Neil Que from Brave Adventures.


  • 8 Paper Miniatures with Unique Front & Back Art
  • 150+ Virtual Table Top Token Variations
  • Line Art only Option
  • Bases
  • Cut files
  • Cutting Tutorial
  • Basing Tutorial

Price: $2.95