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Publisher: Moon Toad Publishing

A “Bounty Hunter” is a private agent working for an organization (usually a commercial organization, rather than a Government Department) with a financial interest in a person or property, who captures fugitives or criminals, or recovers such property, for a commission or “bounty”.

The occupation normally operates outside of the legal constraints that usually govern law enforcement officers and other agents of a polity. This is because, due to interstellar travel, with its many and varied worlds and government types, it is simply not possible for official agents to conduct these tasks, due to the scale and complexity of the diplomatic, legal, and financial challenges.

This handbook contains:
Types of Bounty Hunter and the Economics of Bounty Hunting.
Streamlined Character Generation and Development.
Bounty Hunter Ships, a Maglev Train and a Class B Starport.
Bounty Hunter Equipment.
Two Detailed Systems with Three Bounty Hunter Adventures.
Regulations concerning Bounty Hunters.
Example Warrants.
Example Bounty Hunters.
VTT assets
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