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Publisher: Dark Jewel Games

Connect, Combine, Create

Bots ‘n Pieces is a role-playing game where you’ll join a screwball team of clapped-out robots on the junk-covered frontier planet of Tartaria. You’re an Urfling, a Bot created for various purposes: gardening, opera, or WAR. The coolest thing about Urflings? You can COMBINE them into more powerful and weirder characters!

Yes, giant Worms might want to eat the minerals in your diodes. YES, there are dangerous and unexplored frontiers. YES, there’s a technorganic scourge that might try and assimilate you. But there are also OTHER ROBOTS HERE! Junk-eating Tartarians, human-like Lellurians & Warmongering Erobytes. Buckle up for an epic adventure in this robot-filled world!

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