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Publisher: Kobold Press

Show Your Players Who’s the Boss!

The ultimate showdown between your party and a powerful enemy should feel more exciting than simply smacking around a sack of hitpoints until it drops!

Boss Fights for 5th Edition offers GMs a guide to creating dynamic and exciting boss battles. Dare your players adapt to the changing conditions of a fight as bosses employ new tactics, abilities and minions to defeat the party and pursue their sinister goals unchecked!

This 17-page PDF product contains:

Detailed examples of 3-phase boss battles to challenge your players and push them to their limits! 
Dynamic statblocks for boss monsters that reflect an ever-evolving and unpredictable fight!
Tips and tricks for developing your own phased boss fights, roleplaying boss battles, and introducing low hitpoint lackeys into the fray!

 Give your players the final battle they’re looking for with Boss Fights!

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