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Publisher: Joseph Fox’s BinderStuff

“The Color Identity Alignment System – Gothic Edition” is a newish look at replacing the traditional crossbar alignment with something a little more nuanced for a wider range of storytelling. It layers in a new framework to any d20 based game to reward characters for expressing their personalities and visually displaying personal evolution or stringent devotion to their ideals.

In additional to intuitive rules to support this more naturalistic alignment system, the supplement includes a wide range of character-building options for more ‘colorful’ representations of a Gothic Adventure setting using the Pathfinder Roleplaying Game (1st Edition) including:

  • A new race; THE NECRONSTRUCT.
  • Several new class archetypes
  • Background traits and feats
  • New spells to support life in color and a CHROMATIC Domain


Binder Misc are not MapsPlots, or Tables, (though will sometimes include all three)
The Binder Misc line is a place for me to include all the other little bits of RPG ephemera that I feel can be fun or useful, but don’t necessarily fit into one of the larger tabs in a Gamemaster’s three-ring binder.


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