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Publisher: Realmwarp Media

The Awakening Dream Role Playing Game is a dynamic new d10 Sword and Sorcery system that combines extensive and immersive World Lore with dynamic mechanics that promise encounters will never get stale or repetitive. No longer is your character bound by mechanics and disjointed from lore–in ADRPG, your character is part of the narrative, shaped completely by the world around them.

Beasts of Burden is the third “Quickstart” guide for this system and offers the following:

– Character Creation Rules, which aren’t based on levels: purchase your abilities directly with the experience you earn!

– Social Encounters Mechanics centered around a “rock, paper, scissors” system.

– Combat Mechanics, which features “combat groups” and over a dozen options for actions.

– Rules for the practice and use of magic (Nemeshir)

– (NEW) Rules for Esseythu Stability, a mechanic similar to “Sanity”.

– In depth lore for the rich and robust world.

– Four premade characters

– A starter campaign that should take around 9 sessions.

This material has been extensively playtested by the designers, but is still in development. We thank you for your feedback and understanding.

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Beasts of Burden (Awakening Dream RPG)Price: $4.95