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Publisher: RPGspree

An Unlikely Chance at Unfathomable Riches

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Dive into a hair-raising adventure with ‘Beast of the Crowned Beggar,’ a self-contained ICRPG adventure tailored for 2-4 players. Transform from a gaggle of enslaved laborers into a resolute team of treasure hunters. Navigate treacherous ruins and unravel ancient mysteries below in a fabled city. United by dire circumstances, players will brave crushing danger, forge dubious alliances, and decide whether the allure of riches outweighs the peril they face, as the echoes of history beckon amidst quaking rubble.

The players begin as excavators in the service of the Haberdashian prince. He is obsessed with a strange relic rumored to be buried in the lost city of Qalidar. By tremendous accident, the players are trapped in the city’s depths with only a slim chance of survival, as an ancient beast stalks their every movement/

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