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Publisher: TBM Games

As part of a coming-of-age tradition in some insular cultures, a leader may be required to spend some time exploring the outside world, so that they will return to their people by choice and rule with wisdom. In other cultures, a warrior whose words prove as potent as any blade or spell may be excised from their society out of a fear that they may seize power for themselves.

Barbarians walking the Path of the Exiled are strangers to the world at large. Eloquent but powerful, the Exiled have great potential to rouse their allies to a cause, inspiring bravery with their ferocity on the battlefield. These exiled warriors may find themselves building an army in hopes to reclaim a previous life, or may be guiding heroes to new groups. Some who walk this path are unaware of the power their words may carry, discovering an inner fire that will forever change the world around them.

Expanding upon the mechanics of the 5E Barbarian class, this PDF allows you to create eloquent, army-leading barbarians.

This PDF is compatible with the Fifth Edition of the world’s most popular Roleplaying Game

Barbarian Primal Path - Path of the ExiledPrice: $2.49