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Publisher: Humble Knight Games

My job is more fun now…now that I am a zombie, I will have an eternity to do what I love: teaching! I know that my students are quite hard to handle; brainless (if you get the joke) and easily distracted. But I hope I can pass my knowledge onto most of them and make them worthy members of zombie society… so let’s go back to school!

’Back to SchoolZ’’ is played over 12 rounds/months. In each round, all 4 dice are rolled. Every player chooses a pair of these dice, which correspond to a student they try to pass their knowledge onto. Depending on the dice they choose, adjacent students may be affected by either focusing on the lesson or getting distracted. And, of course, a student will be quizzed afterwards! When the Schoolz season ends, players will gain points for their successful zombie students.

Play and enjoy this free pnp game that was created in the quarantine. I just hope our kids wont be like Zombies when schools open again!

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