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Publisher: Hounds and Jackals Games and Magic

Welcome to the world of ASSIGNMENT: DANGER! 

The masses go about their day thinking the world is safe. We know better, Agent. 

Clandestine Cabals and insidious syndicates are lurking in the shadows, vying for power and control. Shrouded in mystery, these villainous organizations operate underground, their motives veiled in deception. They have surreptitiously infiltrated high levels of government and mega-corporations, and now they pull the strings, dictating the fate of nations. The very stability of the world stage hangs in the balance! 

In ASSIGNMENT: DANGER! players find themselves thrust into a thrilling world of international espionage. As “Agents”, they join an elite team of covert operatives, tasked with completing near-impossible missions that will take them to exotic locations around the globe. 

Agents must use their skills, training, and unique gadgetry to outmanoeuvre enemies and complete their objectives. They will match wits with dastardly Villains, root out devious double agents, and thwart treacherous technological threats, all in the way of uncovering the truth behind the shadowy organizations that menace the world. With time running out, do you have what it takes to crack the code, thwart the Villains and save the world? Or will you be captured and interrogated until you spill crucial intel, accelerating the world’s demise? 

ASSIGNMENT: DANGER! is a fast-paced tabletop role-playing game based on the easy-to-learn EZD6 rules. It takes inspiration from movies and TV shows of the 1960s and 1970s, such as: Mission: Impossible, James Bond, Danger Man, The Prisoner, and The Man from U.N.C.L.E. Optional rules enable players to incorporate the more extreme, Gonzo elements from shows like The Omega Factor, Man from Atlantis, and The Six Million Dollar Man into the game, making for wild sci-fi or paranormal Missions!8 The world of ASSIGNMENT: DANGER! 


Besides the many TV shows, movies, comics, and books that led to the creation of this book, I also want to acknowledge that many of the concepts embraced in ASSIGNMENT: DANGER! came from the old RPGs I used to play years ago: James Bond 007 RPG, Top Secret, and the Call of Cthulhu/BRPG system to name a few.


In the spirit of DM Scotty’s intentions for EZD6, I wanted to make the ongoing development of ASSIGNMENT: DANGER! community-based, making sure that it can grow organically. 

Artwork – ALL HUMAN – No AI!

The material that is not shared for use elsewhere is the artwork that was commissioned for these projects.

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