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Publisher: Andi Lynn

Ashes of Petram is the first premade campaign for Soulbound – Dark Industrial Fantasy. It is a module designed for Novice rank Wielders, making it perfect for new and beginning players. It has many elements of a classic Soulbound story, from vicious Deceivers to scheming Akuma, paired alongside glimpses into the daily lives of humans across Solum. During this adventure, Wielders will uncover the myriad ways that Akuma sow Corruption and chaos into the world around them. They will meet allies, villains, and those who simply wish to survive another day in such an unforgiving world.

Our story takes place across three major locations: the city of Sepulcur, the village of Petram, and the ruins of Old Petram. A string of arsons has caused great unrest in Sepulcur, and these seemingly mundane crimes are revealed to have a much more sinister source. The Wielders must travel north to learn more, across the great bridge of Morvan’s Pass, and to the village of Petram. Here, they will discover how fragile and fearful humans can be when faced with otherworldly forces. With humans lives at stake and hours slipping by, the Wielders must put an end to a ruinous cycle. 

Ashes of Petram - A Soulbound AdventurePrice: $3.00