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Publisher: Osiris

This is a package of 10 AI created art pieces depicting Cyberpunk Cities similar to that depicted in the cover image (cover image is contained in the product) These come in a zip file with the PNG images and the a pdf with the preview images.

These ai-generated images can be used for paintovers, alteration in photoshop, photobashing, as start images in your preferred AI image generator, or even in their current state for games, RPG books, 3d projects, and more free of restrictions and/or clauses.  

This pack contains a variety of AI-generated textures and images designed for fantasy, scifi, etc. The platform use grants a license free of restrictions, and those rights are being passed on to you. You may use it for any purpose.

To the best of my knowledge all of the images are in perfect order and will not require any other effort for your use. Though not all details may be perfect.

Note. All art in this product is made on artbreeder, and was made as a result of machine learning. No attribution, licenses or any other mention are required as mentioned in their terms of service. This art has been made partially by my alterations and effort and is a result of various other assets. You need not give attribution to me or this page in your work.

4 of these images have a preview page below the title image.

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