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Publisher: Escape Velocity Gaming

Many great warriors seek armor that allows them to wade through battles, inspire awe in those who see it, and become a personal badge of honor.  The armors detailed directly are legendary, but not because they were created on some non-descript anvil.  These armors are legendary because their abilities were earned.  Any sufficiently-skilled wizard and dwarven craftsman can join forces to create beautiful armor, nay, even powerful magicked armor.   But only circumstances can create these armors.  Want Blood-Bathed armor? Be prepared to quest for it- as it can’t even be created in a single generation.  Has your armor been touched by a God?  Swallowed by a Kraken?  Or has it taken you unharmed through the Gates of Hell?  Then this guide will describe the benefits for fifteen armors that have been earned not simply forged. 

                This work, in order to be of use to all fantasy RPGers, contains tips for designing mechanics but incomplete actual game mechanics.   This is the legendary story and the circumstance for each, numbers are suggested at times, but not every fantasy game system features the same mechanics (damage reduction, ablative armor, stamina ratings, saves, etc.). You’re buying the fluff not the crunch (though some crunch is suggested)

At just 75 cents, that’s a thin nickel per armor description!   Plus, you’ll find youself coming up with other similar ideas for weapons, armor, and shields for your own campaign worlds based off my design!     ENJOY!

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