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Publisher: Middlewest Goblin Merchant Company

This set of printable paper miniatures comes with 12 characters. Print in color, or black and white and decorate yourself with markers and color pencils. There is an option for printing a black border or white border for each, too.

The miniatures are about 30mm tall from foot to head, give or take. Use them for a variety of fantasy themed RPGs, war-games, or just hiding around the house! Bases can be left square(ish), or cut into a hexagon using the guide on the bottom.

Characters Included:

    • A Wizard
    • A Wizard’s Apprentice
    • Two archers with bow
    • Two Man-at-Arms with hand-weapon and shield
    • Two Thieves with daggers and hidden faces
    • Two thugs with attitude




Armies of Men: Human MercenariesPrice: $4.99